Healthy Urgency

That crazy project with an equally insane deadline.
The overwhelming final paper that would make or break the grade.

We have all had moments where the job just had to get done. 
The pressure is on. Results must be produced.

I've seen countless peers excel in crisis. You want these people in the trenches with you. They show up and thrive when the heat is on.

But there is a trap, a crippling lie if we are not careful and aware. If the only time you have urgency is in a crisis you may believe the only time you NEED urgency is in a crisis. This deception severely limit what God can do through you. The abundant life does not need to be lived in a cycle of perpetual catastrophe.

This is one of the most important lessons I have learned: leaders create urgency before urgency is created for them. Growing leaders develop the skills to look down the road and see around the corner. We need to continually ask "What can I do now that will set us up for success later?" 

We will never manage every variable. As an event planner there are unavoidable moments of trouble, especially in the days leading up to an event. What allows our team to respond without fear is what has happened in the months prior. When something pops up we know most of the whack-a-moles have already been killed.

So ask yourself:

Where should I be creating urgency today so I can avoid crisis?

What can I do today that will limit the variables tomorrow and ten months from today?